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237130 | Power & Communication Line & Related Structures Construction

  • Fiber Optic Cable Transmission Line Construction; Traction Power

  • Pole Line Construction

  • Substation and Switching Station, Power Transmission Line, Construction

  • Transformer Station and Substation, Electric Power, Construction

  • Underground Cable (e.g, cable television, electricity, telephone) Laying

  • Utility Line (i.e, communication, electric power), Construction

237310 | Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction

  • Sign Erection, Highway, Road, Street or Bridge

​237990 | Other Heavy and Civil Engineering Construction

  • Light Rail System Construction; Horizontal Drilling; Railway Construction

​238210 | Electrical Contractors

541330 | Electrical Contractors


CDOT Arterial Lighting Program

  • Install Lighting Infrastructure via Horizontal Drilling

CDOT Grand Ave Street Scape Traffic Signal & Lighting Upgrades

​CDA Relocation of Taxiway A and B

  • Trade Package 1 Manhole Investigation

  • Trade Package 26 East & West Paving Taxiway Lighting

  • Trade Package 32 Satellite Concourse 1 X Manhole Installation

  • Trade Package 24 X Manhole Installation

American Airlines South Apron Expansion

  • Apron Grounding

  • Duct Bank Installation​

CTA Congress Blue Line  

  • Traction Power Contact Rail

  • Traction Power Negative and ANR Rail

  • Signal Equipment

  • Substation Grounding

NICTD West Lake Cooridor

  • Traction Power Substation Buildings

  • Parking Lot Lighting

  • Snowmelt and Heating Panels

  • Horizontal Drilling Communication Infrastructure

Army Corps of Engineer Fish Barrier 2B

  • Analysis and Report for Mitigation of Harmonics

Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago

  • Generator Upgrades

  • Site Lighting

  • Duct Bank Infrastructure

IDOT Surveillance System Upgrades 62A77 & 62A76

  • CCTV Camera Installation

  • 100FT Pole Installation

  • Tone Equipment Installation

ISTHA RR-21-4589

  • Install Weigh-In Motion Camera Poles

  • Install WIM Power and Communications Infrastructure


CDOT Arterial Lighting Program

  • Install Lighting Infrastructure

CDA Terminal 5 Expansion

  • Concourse M Extension 

  • Landside Parking Garage Facility Infrastructure

CDA 10C & 28C

  •  Runway Status Light Installation


  •  Install DME Tower



  • Install RVR Landing Radar Gear


CDA Midway TSA Expansion

  • Install Roadway Lighting, Walker Duct, and Roadway Lighting System


CDA 9C-27C

  • Install ComEd Infrastructure

CTA Red Line Station Modernization 

  • Install Traction Power Infrastructure

  • Install Signal Infrastructure

  • Install Wayside Equipment

  • Install Signal House

  • Install Communication Cable

CTA Blue Line Signal Upgrades

  • Install Wayside Equipment

  • Install Traction Power Cabling

  • Install Impedance Bonds

  • Install Train Stops

60Y39 IDOT

  • Install Traffic Loops, and Install Detector Loop Sensor Units, Western Ave     

  • Install Traffic Signals and Traffic Signal Infrastructure, Central Road

  • Install Traffic Signals and Traffic Signal Infrastructure

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